Memoirs of a Goldfish

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Memoirs of a Goldfish Written by Devin Scillian Illustrated by Tim Bowers Published in 2010

AGES 4-8

So, what do fish think as they swim all day in a fishbowl? And what do they think of when other creatures “invade” their home. Devin Scillian has taken an unusual object to write about in a children’s story-a fish in a fishbowl. A fish who occupies the bowl realizes very soon that he must share it with other creatures and plants. At first, he is curious about his new bowl mates, but he quickly realizes that precious real estate in the fishbowl becomes few and far between and what he really wants is to be left alone-or does he?

A Bookish Decree: a funny story about the importance of getting along with others and being a part of a family even if you must change guppy diapers.

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