Maybe Something Beautiful (By F. Isabel Campoy & Theresa Howell, Illustrated by Rafael Lopez)

Published in 2016

AGES 4-8

Mira is a girl who lives in a city, a gray city where she loves to draw and bring color to her world. She was “filled with joy” with art. Mira decides to spread her love of art by sharing her work with neighbors. By doing this it made her world a little less gray. One of pictures was left on a wall that was noticed by an artist-a muralist. This notice causes a paintbrush to be dipped into paint leaving an explosion of color by the muralist and Mira joins him painting the loudest color she can find. The art comes to life and neighbors join in creating a party. Brushes are passed around bring color and vibrancy to the gray city. When the walls were complete the artists move on to other parts of the community brightening up “with poetry and shine.”

A Bookish Decree: Art that transforms a community-based on a true story

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