Making the Voices Heard

Making Their Voices Heard: The Inspiring Friendship of Ella Fitzgerald and Marilyn Monroe Author: Vivian Kirkfield Illustrated by Alleanna Harris 2020 Age range: 4-8 History is alive and vibrantly told in Making Their Voices Heard, a story of the friendship between Ella Fitzgerald and Marilyn Monroe. Children today most likely have never heard of these 20th century entertainers let alone that they formed a friendship where each helped to advance the other in their respective careers. Kirkfield and Harris start their book with both Ella and Marilyn at the top of the careers, were both pictures show them with elegance and with their signature style. As the book proceeds the reader learns more of their background and how they had to work their way to the top, however, both had setbacks with discrimination. A friendship is formed when both Ella and Marilyn realize they could help each other with their careers. It was Ella’s voice that inspired Marilyn to try for a new movie role with singing part, and it was Marilyn who helped Ella break a barrier to sing at club Mocambo.

A Bookish Decree: The illustrations beautifully capture the quintessence, and the writing articulates style and grace of two iconic women.

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