Locomotive (Written and illustrated by Brian Floca)

Published in 2013, Winner of the Caldecott in 2014

AGES 4-10

Take a trip through time through Locomotive by Brian Floca, a book that will appeal to every one of your senses as you travel by train across the country. The book begins with a family boarding a train in Omaha, Nebraska taking a long journey out to Sacramento, California. Before the family boards however tracks must be laid from the west coast and from the east coast where the tracks meet in the middle. You will learn about the hard work that the brakemen, the firemen, the engineer and the conductor what each did in order to make sure the train ran smoothly. Every sound you can imagine from a nineteenth century train and its engine you will experience. Every cottonwood, every farm you will pass you as the reader will visualize it. Various scraps of history are incorporated throughout the book, some it may be lost on the younger listeners, but older children will develop a great appreciation for the history of the United States and how it leads up to the train trip the family took. As the train continues its journey day and night wonderous sights behold the passengers, and the engine that once was fueled by coal is now replaced with wood. The journey ends, and new home is discovered but the trains will keep moving.

A Bookish Decree: Make sure you have your ticket this book is memorable.

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