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Lafcadio – The Lion Who Shot Back

Written and Illustrated by Shel Silverstein 1963 Age range: 6 and up Over 55 years ago Shel Silverstein introduced us to a lion who falls in love with marshmallows and with elevator rides. He follows a circus man named Finchfinger from the jungle where he learns to shoot and travels to the big city where he gets a haircut, a shave, a new marshmallow suit, and he joins the circus. Finchfinger gives him a new name Lafcadio, and he becomes famous, and learns how to autograph in 6 ways. With his fame however, Lafcadio becomes more human and less lion, until he has to choose between living as a human or living as a lion, or is there a third option?

A Bookish Decree

There are various references within the story to guns and hunting,

and smoking a cigar. With that being said the story is an amusing and fun classic

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