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Kamala Harris: Rooted in Justice

Kamala Harris : Rooted in Justice Written by Nikki Grimes Illustrated by Laura Freeman 2020 Age range: 4-8 Kamala Harris’s story is seen through the eyes of Eve and her mom. Eve comes home upset because she was told by a boy in her class that she could not be President because she was a girl. Eve’s mother calmly states that the boy is wrong and tells her a story of Kamala Harris.

Kamala’s name means lotus flower. She has roots that go deep-deep down Roots that show resiliency, that reflect “a strong black-and-brown braid,” that stretched from India to Jamaica where her parents were from, and on to Oakland, California were Kamala was born. Both her mom and dad marched for civil rights and a young Kamala learned the words peace, justice, and freedom at a young age. Grimes tells us that Harris was influenced by the Rainbow Sign a cultural arts center that James Baldwin, Maya Angelou and Nina Simone performed at. Harris walked way from that center with an important message: “I’m young, gifted, and black.”

As Harris grew older, she attended Howard University where she was on the debate team and did research at the National Archives to discover how government worked. She went to law school and moved her way up the “mountain of her dreams:” from lawyer, prosecutor, to senator, and to running for President. Nikki Grimes tells a brilliant and illuminating story about Kamala Harris “Life is a story you write day by day.” Laura Freeman’s art is stunning and as it captures Kamala Harris’s strength and resilience.

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