Jack's Garden (Written and illustrated by Henry Cole)

Published in 1995

AGES 4-8

There are a few stories from children’s literature that tell the story in the tradition of The House that Jack Built. Henry Cole ‘s Jack’s Garden was first published 25 years ago tells of pure garden magic. The magic is in the details: what is hidden under the soil, the packets of seeds that Jack uses, the boy tending to his garden in a downpour, the birds and insect’s response to the growing vegetation. The story comes alive telling the reader if you look close enough you can find an Ashy Gray Ladybird Beatle, a Buckeye Butterfly, or a robin’s egg. The writing is clever with each page ending with “the garden that Jack planted”, it allocates that all the hard work that Jack put into making the garden comes to fruition as the garden flourishes.

A Bookish Decree: nature is wonderfully taking over.

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