If You Come to Earth

If You Come to Earth

Written and Illustrated by Sophie Blackall


Age range 4-8

“Dear Visitor from Outer Space” begins Sophie Blackall's latest magnum opus: If You Come to Earth. A boy named Quinn narrates the story and imagines the reader looking at the earth and every wonder that it has, as if you are seeing everything for the first time. Quinn takes you on a journey to discover where people live, what families do, and how people show their feelings on their faces.

You also get to see how people dress every day and how grow-ups work to make the world better, as well as people coming together to share a meal. A first visit to earth would not be complete without seeing animals on land or sea for the first time, as well as taking in all the senses associated with music and art

A Bookish Decree: Filled with vibrancy, this book shines with love showing how wonderful our planet is.

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