I Promise

I Promise

Author LeBron James Illustrated by Nina Mata 2020 Age range: 4-8

LeBron James has written a book inspired by his I Promise School. “I promise to work hard and do what’s right, to be a leader in this game of life.”

A story full of possibilities that one can accomplish “I promise to run full court and show up each time,

to get right back up and let my magic shine.”

Kids will be motivated to look at their potential “To reach for my star, even when I can’t see it.” And to be a good person always “I promise to respect my elders and peers the same.

To leave new places better than I came.”

LeBron James has written a brilliant book based on the teachings in his I Promise school. This is a wonderful book to read out loud, and to share with others.

I Promise builds up self-esteem and encourages kids to keep going. A Bookish Decree: A motivating wonder

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