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I Love My Purse (By Belle Demont, Illustrated by Sonja Wimmer)

Published in 2017

AGES 5-7

I Love My Purse tells the story of Charlie who inherits a purse from his Grandma. He had only tried it on in front of the mirror, but one morning he decided to take it school. His Dad questioned his accessory saying that boys should wear sneakers and baseball caps, but Charlie’s reply was simple: “Cause I want to.” When his Dad said why don’t you wear a backpack the response was certain “maybe tomorrow…but I am sticking with my purse ”, He does not get teased at school, but he says with confidence when asked by kids: “I am sticking with my purse”. On his way home he gets an encouragement from the crossing guard. As the week passes, he notices a change in the people that originally questioned his purse wearing. They too want to follow their hearts and wear what they want and be themselves. His Dad starts wearing his Hawaiian shirts to work, the girl sitting behind him in class starts to paint her face, a boy in school realizes his cooking ambitions and dons a cooking hat, and the crossing guard wears his favorite shoes.

A Bookish Decree: If there ever was a story for kids about just being yourself and not being afraid to show who you are this would be it. Fantastic.

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