Hurricane (Written and illustrated by David Wiesner)

Published in 1990

AGES 5-8

Hurricane by David Wiesner tells of two young boys who along with their parents prepare for an upcoming hurricane. The cat is safe, the lights go out, but coziness ensues as they gather around the fireplace. As the eye of the storm hits the boys wonder what the outside will look like in the morning, they are astonished the next day when one of their elm trees has fallen in the neighbor’s yard - the fallen tree is a perfect playground. This sleeping giant brings forth their imaginations as they stalk a leopard, take to the seven seas on a quest for pirates, and take a journey into outer-space. The tree like any great tree as the boys come to realize should be “a private place, big enough for secret dreams, small enough for shared adventure.” Unfortunately, all good things must end, the fallen tree is taken away leaving an appreciation for the surviving elm. A Bookish Decree: A tale that tells the power and wonderfulness of nature

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