How to be a Pirate

How to be a Pirate

Author Isaac Fitzgerald

Illustrator Brigette Barrager


Age range: 4-8

CeCe has a dream of being a pirate, but the boys in her neighborhood tell her no “you can’t be a pirate”. CeCe is determined to ask for help and pays a visit to her Grandpa, her rational is that if her Grandpa has a tattoo of a ship, he must know everything about being a pirate. CeCe and Grandpa discuss every tattoo that Grandpa has and the qualities needed to be a pirate:

*A pirate must be brave and look for adventure

* A pirate must be quick if there is danger

* A pirate must know how to have fun

* A pirate must learn independence

* A pirate must have love

A Bookish Decree:

A heartwarming

“I can be anything” story

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