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How BIG Could Your Pumpkin Grow?

How BIG Could Your Pumpkin Grow?

Written and Illustrated by Wendell Minor


Age range: 3-8

Wendell Minor dedicates his How BIG Could Your Pumpkin Grow to young pumpkin lovers who dream big. Minor proves that you do have to dream big in this story, when he asks, “What can you do with an enormous pumpkin?” Kids will be delighted with the answer-carving it into a boat of course. Or ask how big can one pumpkin get? Imaginations will soar with answers as high as a hot air balloon, make it a part of a roller coaster, grow it to fit onto Mt. Rushmore, or even the Grand Canyon.

A Bookish Decree: Minor does an excellent job incorporating various parts of America and encouraging imaginations to take flight.

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