Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor! The Kind and Caring World of Mister Rogers Written and Illustrated by Matthew Cordell 2020 Age range: 3-8 Hello Neighbor begins with a big welcome to a neighborhood unlike no other-one that was founded by Fred McFeely Rogers-a set for a television program. Matthew Cordell takes the reader into the wonderful world of Fred Rogers and Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. The reader follows Fred Rogers on set as he puts his cardigan sweater and sneakers on, and get reacquainted with Mr. McFeely, Officer Clemmons, Joe Negri and others.

The reader also travels to a crayon and a trumpet factory and has the opportunity to meet famous artists that graced the Neighborhood like Eric Carle and Yo Yo Ma. And let us not forget the trolley, the trolley to The Neighborhood of Make-Believe and reunite with King Friday and X the owl. How can the reader forget Fred’s love of music and how it was incorporated into many episodes and remember the songs he wrote and sung: “It’s you I like.” Matthew Cordell through brilliant writing and vivid art gives us a special gift of remembrance and to remind us “It’s our insides that make us who we are.”

A Bookish Decree: A fun trip down memory lane

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