Hello Lighthouse (Written and Illustrated by Sophie Blackall)

Published in 2018, Winner of the Caldecott 2019

AGES 4-8

A lighthouse comes alive in Hello Lighthouse by Sophie Blackall. Blackall tells the tale of a lIghthouse and the family that make it their home. A new keeper arrives and immediately makes it his home, it the keeper’s job to keep a log of everything that happens, the log is a visual storyteller. Through all types of weather, the lighthouse is there to say hello to the world, to be a beacon to the world which Blackall captures beautifully. The keeper is joined by his wife and as the seasons change, the lighthouse is a cozy abode to the couple and eventually their child. A change comes to the lighthouse with new and updated technology, the keeper and his family are no longer needed on the tiny island and they have to say goodbye to their home. Blackall notes just as the light still shines for all to see a family will be will watching over it too.

A Bookish Decree: The pictures of the sea are stunning. A great visual of an abode

that welcomes everybody home.

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