Harold Snipperpot's Best Disaster Ever

Harold Snipperpot’s Best Disaster Ever

Written and Illustrated by Beatrice Alemagna


Age range: 4-8

On Harold Snipperpot’s 7th birthday all he wants is to have a real birthday party. The problem, however, is that his parents who never bothered with hugging or laughing did not like parties. They did however, call Mr. Ponzio who had an idea for a party, instead of kids showing up with presents a line of animals paraded down their street to their front door. The parade did not end there, however, with the animals making themselves at home in their house. Even if books are destroyed, a hippo takes a bath in their tub, and Harold’s parent’s get locked in a trunk, something remarkable happens to Harold’s mom and dad-happiness, laughter, and kisses take over, leaving Harold with an awesome birthday party.

A Bookish Decree: “The party was absolutely extraordinary all right!”

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