Grandparents Author Chema Heras Illustrated by Rosa Osuna Translated by Elisa Amado 2002 published in Portuguese 2020 Published in Canada, United States and the UK Age range: 4-8 Grandfather hears of a dance down in the main square. He is excited to go, but first he must persuade Grandmother to come with him. Grandmother begins to think of every plausible excuse for not attending “I’m not flitting from party to party like a girl anymore.” Grandfather remembers the way she used to be and for every excuse she gives him he gives her wonderful compliments in return- “You are as pretty as the sun”, as well as whimsical plaudits: “and your wrinkly skin is just like nuts in a pie.” Grandfather finally wins her over and they make their way to the dance, where Grandmother discovers that all of plaudits she had received - she now sees it in Grandfather, and they are both “as pretty as the moon.”

A Bookish Decree: fanciful and imaginative at the same time down to earth.

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