Grandad's Island

Grandad’s Island

Written and Illustrated by Benji Davies

2015 Published in the United Kingdom

2016 Published in the United States

Age range: 4-8

There is nothing like a child’s relationship with a grandparent. There are a handful of children’s literature books that show a special bond between the two, however, none show the bond or emotion better than Grandad’s Island by Benji Davies. Syd is a young boy who has a special relationship with his Grandad, and when he visits his house he is not there in his customary place. However, he finds him up in the attic where a secret metal door is reveled to young Syd. Through the door Syd and Grandad board a ship and set sail to discover a stunning tropical island where Grandad decides to stay. Syd sets sail for home and on his next visit to Grandad’s house-Grandad is not there and neither is the metal door.

A Bookish Decree: This wonderful story will provide a comfort and assurance to children who are trying to understand a loss.

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