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Freya and Zoose

Freya and Zoose

Written by Emily Butler Illustrated by Jennifer Thermes 2019 Age range: 8 and up Freya is a penguin on a quest for adventure. She finds her quest as a stow-a-way in a hot air balloon. Unbeknownst to her she has a companion on her journey - a mouse named Zoose. The two join their human companions-Captain Salomon August Andree and his crew on a trip of a lifetime to the North Pole. Captain Andree and crew were real people who attempted a flight on a hot air balloon in 1897. Emily Butler has taken that real life adventure and turned into the story of a friendship that is formed between Freya and Zoose (fictional characters), as they become stars of the story. The weather and the elements are part of the story taking down the balloon and leaving the adventures stranded. The two animal heroes learn ways to survive and face the brutal elements that the arctic brings. A Bookish Decree: Friendship and history together tell a marvelous tale

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