Fred's Big Feelings

Fred’s Big Feelings: The Life and Legacy of Mister Rogers

Author Laura Renauld Illustrated by Brigette Barrager


Age range: 3-8

Everyone knows of Fred Rogers and the enormous impact he made on society for generations of children. Author Laura Renauld gives a delightful story of Fred Rogers youth and how he was bullied because of his weight; however his grandfather’s words resonated with him: “You made this day a really special day just by being yourself.” As a young adult Fred watched television in its infancy and had a deep impact on him to want to create a show that would make a child feel “welcomed, loved, and special.”

Renauld carries the story of Fred Rogers forward bringing those two messages that he learned in his youth to adulthood. In 1968 Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood appeared-illustrator Brigette Barrager electrifies the story by showing two kids watching Rogers on TV and showing love and excitement emulating from Fred on tv to the kids watching and the kids are showing love back. Barrager with her images of Fred Rogers with guests on the show conjures up fantastic memories and a realization of why the show was memorable. Renauld and Barrager capture beautifully Fred’s goal of conveying to his audience that it is “normal to have feelings.”

A Bookish Decree: It’s a beautiful day for a beautifully told story

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