Fort Builders Book 2

Fort Builders Inc. Book 2 Happy Tails Lodge

Author: Dee Romito

Illustrated by Marta Kissi


Age range: 6-8

The fort building continues over the summer vacation. This time the clientele may be a little more finicky. Jax learns that his family will be getting a pet, he feels a little left out because his sisters get to choose the pet. Kiara from the Fort Builders Inc. comes up with the idea of building a fort designed for pets. Inspiration sets in with the help of a local animal rescue and the team gets to work, they find that clients want forts for iguanas, birds, and turtles. For Jax and friends the perfect pet fort is on the way in time for an adorable pet or two.

A Bookish Decree: Inventive sprinkled with creativity

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