Forest – A See to Learn Book Author Kate Moss Gamblin Illustrated by Karen Patkau 2019 Age range: 4-8 Kate Moss Gamblin ends the book Forest by asking the reader a question: “What do you see when you see a forest?” Gamblin’s book is full of thought-provoking questions as you take a walk through the trees: “Do you see the pine needles, chestnut, oak and maple leaves all mixed together?”

This is a book that lets you take in a forest with all of your senses: “Do you see the delicious sunlight, giving way to the soft darkness of night?” When was the last time you experienced all seasons in the forest “Do you see…the ever-changing seasons…?

A Bookish Decree:

Gamblin is asking a personal question to each and every reader:

What is about a forest that is special to you?

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