Fly High John Glenn

Fly High John Glenn: The Story of an American Hero

Author Kathleen Krull Illustrated by Maurizio A.C. Quarello


Age range 4-8

John Glenn as Kathleen Krull points out was “the hero who flew into American history.” Glenn whose accomplishments were vast in his 95 years: a Marine Corps aviator, an engineer, astronaut, and a politician, and of course the first American to orbit the earth had a story that needed to be told to today’s children that will tell of his greatness and what he accomplished. Kathleen Krull and Maurizio A. C. Quarello have told a magnificent story of Glenn and why he became America’s hero. Krull takes us to Glenn’s early age and his fascination for flying, turning his bedroom into an airport with model planes. As a young adult Glenn enlisted as a pilot with a fellow pilot calling him fearless, and after the war he stayed with the military and flew the first supersonic flight across the country.

When the United States entered the space race with the Soviet Union, NASA had a goal of launching a man into orbit. Glenn took up the challenge and became one of the Mercury Seven in training to be the first American man to orbit the earth. What makes this book a wonder is Krull’s ability to tell an impressive story about Glenn’s trip into space on February 20, 1962, where the reader is entertained by Glenn taking off from earth at the same time gaining an understanding of what an important time in NASA’s history it was. Quarello’s art captures a time of American’s golden age as Glenn becomes a hero, his art captures the wonder of the earth and John’s view as he watches sunset after sunset after sunset, an experience many of us will never see.

A Bookish Decree: Filled with remarkable art, this book soars into the imagination

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