Flotsam (Story and illustrations by David Wiesner)

Published in 2006, Caldecott Winner in 2007

David Wiesner’s Flotsam may cause one to look up its name-for the perpetual curious it means a wreckage or something that has been washed up. Wiesner’s genius in his storytelling is taking an ordinary object or a trip and making it whimsical. In Flotsam a boy is at the beach where he is hit by a strong wave causing an old underwater camera to appear. Today in 2020 with cellphones one is almost taken aback to see the boy in the book take a roll of film out of the camera and take it to a one hour photo shop to get the film developed. When the pictures are ready the boy and the reader are astonished to find an underwater world that goes to the very depths of our imagination. However, there is one picture that stands out: a picture within a picture, within a picture, within a picture going back at least 10 fold that shows a child within the picture representing a different era showing their unique beach experience. The boy realizes he is part of this unique history and he does the same and he flings the camera and the developed photos back into the ocean where the camera takes a magical journey through the sea.

A Bookish Decree: Captivating - you expect a sequel, a yearning for the story to continue.

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