First Star

First Star - A Bear and Mole Book

Written and Illustrated by Will Hillenbrand 2018

Age range: Preschool

Mole has a wonderful idea to tell bear-they should sleep under the sky to “see the stars turn on”. So, Bear and Mole pack up their gear and head up to the mountain. They climb and stop to pick berries and then make camp for the night. Mole is scared of the dark, but bear tells him a story about the first ever bears. There was no moon and stars at the time to light up the night and they decided to make the moon out of clay and it shone brightly in the sky. The first little bear then took stones and scattered them into the darkness becoming the stars.

Mole becomes so enthralled with the story that he is surprised to see a shooting star, a lucky star to wish on.

A Bookish Decree: An amazing story of friendship and a wonder of the night sky.

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