Fergus and Zeke

Fergus and Zeke Author Kate Messner Illustrated by Heather Ross 2017 Age range: 6-8 Fergus is a pet mouse in Miss Maxwell’s room. He loves being a part of the class, following rules, listening to stories, and even doing math work. When the class learns they are going on a field trip, Fergus gets excited with the rest of the class, until he learns that he is not going. He is dismayed at first, but he escapes from his cage and makes it into a student’s backpack-a smiling Fergus is going to the Museum of Natural History.

At the museum Fergus meets up with another mouse who lives at the museum-Zeke. Fergus with Zeke as his guide both make their way through the museum to discover moon rocks, butterflies, and dinosaur bones as only two mice can. At the end of the day Fergus is anxious to go back to school to his home, but can he leave his new friend?

A Bookish Decree: A “high-climbing adventure”

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