Equality's Call

Equality’s Call: The Story of Voting Rights in America

Author: Deborah Diesen Illustrated by Magdalena Mora


Age range: 4-8

Equality’s Call begins with a powerful message, that our founders made a declaration that consent of the governed-consent of the people shall vote in elections. The voice of the people shall be heard “through voting, elections, and representation,” and this will make our nation stronger.

While this ideal as Diesen points was meant for some, others in our history were left out. This book concentrates on voting issues from the founding of our country up to the present age. It will cause the youngest of children to question what was going on in our history as to why people were denied the right to vote, and to learn “a right isn’t right till it’s granted to all”. The illustrations by Mora (this is her first picture book) are formidable and show influence of many Americans over the years that have fought for the right to be heard.

A Bookish Decree: Every school, every classroom should have this.

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