Earth Hour

Earth Hour: A Lights-Out Event for Our Planet Author Nanette Heffernan Illustrated by Bao Luu 2020 Age range: 4 and up

Almost everyone uses energy in some form every day and night. It helps us cook our food, helps to control the temperature so we can live comfortably, and it washes our clothes. But there is one hour -earth hour – in the month of March where people from around the world turn off the lights “in quiet celebration” to remind all to be mindful of how we use energy “that is a wonderful resource from Earth- a gift from nature we respect and conserve.” Author Nanette Heffernan tells a charming story about how each of us can work towards a sustainable planet. Luu’s illustrations shows inspiration and hope to get the message across that every person can do their part.

A Bookish Decree: simply motivating

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