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Dyamonde Daniel Books

Dyamonde Daniel Books Author Nikki Grimes Illustrated by R. Gregory Christie Published from 2009-2012 Age range: 8-10

Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel – Book 1 Meet Dyamonde Daniel a girl who likes to get in the last word because that is what smart people do. She is new to her neighborhood and new to her school but with her can-do attitude she learns the neighborhood and she shows it. Dyamonde is in the third grade and prefers math where the numbers are “neat, easy and solid” Another new kid joins her class -Free. Free is grouchy, and Dyamonde is on the case to solve his attitude problem. Dyamonde is searching for a new best friend in her new neighborhood because a best friend equals two-and even numbers rule.

RIch - Book 2 There is a poetry contest at school, and the winner will be receiving a $100.00 prize. Free is excited about the contest because he wants to spend the winnings on video games. Dyamonde introduces Free to a secondhand shop telling him “Everything has a story. That’s kind of what make it a treasure.” While they both unearth “treasure” at the store, Dyamonde also discovers that a classmate Damaris is homeless and lives in a shelter. Damaris loves poetry and Dyamonde encourages her to write a poem about home, (living in a shelter) for the contest.

“Well, I may seem poor, with no home of my own, but I’m rich in good friends, so I’m never alone.”

Almost Zero Dyamonde wants a new pair of shoes. She does not ask her mom for these new shoes-she demands them, telling her mom that she needs them now. Her mother responds the following day by taking away all her clothes-all of them except a pair of pajamas, some underwear and some slippers. Dyamonde is horrified when she has to wear the same clothes over and over again, even with a milk stain on it. Life changes however, for Dyamonde when she realizes that a girl in her class (Isabel) and her family have lost everything they own in a fire. Dyamonde and her friends Free and Damaris come up with a plan that gets the whole community involved to help out a classmate.

Halfway to Perfect Both Dyamonde and Free love to eat. Their friend Damaris not so much as she pushes food around on her plate. Dyamonde notices that Damaris is losing weight and asks her if she is dieting. She keeps an eye on her friend thinking to herself “I wish I could make Damaris see herself like I do.” As the friends visit Coney Island Dyamonde takes Damaris to the fun house mirrors, with the hope that her friend can see the beauty in herself, with the message: “those kids at school…you can’t listen to them. They’re all looking in the wrong mirror.” When Dyamonde and Damaris realize that another girl in their class has a health issue and has a medical emergency during school, the duo set out to learn all they can to understand what is going on with their classmate.

But does the girl want their help?

They two girls vow to keep trying. A Bookish Decree: Everyone needs to meet Dyamonde.

A noteworthy friend with a wonderful heart.

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