Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Verdi Story and Illustrations by Jannell Cannon 1997 Age 5 and up

Verdi tells the story of a young python who is very proud of his youth and his yellow skin. Despite his name he has no desire to grow old and to grow green. Verdi has an encounter with older snakes and has an immediate reaction of I have no desire to be like them. “I will never be lazy, boring, or green,” is his motto and he proves it by slingshotting himself through the air. To Verdi’s horror he wakes up to discover his skin is changing to green, he tries to scrub off his new color and even tries mud-he would rather have mud on him than grow old with green. Verdi attempts to slingshot himself again only to find himself being flung back to earth broken in more ways than one. The elders rescue him and regale him with stories from when they were young.

He then begins to listen to the forest come alive for the first time and before he knew it he was green.

A Bookish Decree: Beautiful pictures tell a wonderful story.

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