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Desert Girl, Monsoon Boy

Desert Girl, Monsoon Boy

Author Tara Dairman Illustrated by Archana Sreenivasan

Age range: 4-8


Come on a journey with two children: a girl and a boy, both growing up in India, yet they live worlds apart. The girl lives with her family in the white sands of the desert, while the boy grows up in a green field.

While one treks for water and learns to stitch and embroider, the other heads to school. In both habitats the children experience issues with weather that forces both kids and their families to migrate to a place of safety and refuge. This wonderfully told tale by Tara Dairman tells of two cultures how they live, laugh, and adapt; it tells of their differences and commonality, and most importantly shows their humanity. Archana Sreenivasan illustrations convey the beautify and hardship of the two cultures and conveys a unique essence for the natural world.

A Bookish Decree: A wonder of a story to learn about humanity and culture

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