Dance Like a Leaf

Dance Like a Leaf Author: AJ Irving Illustrated by Claudia Navarro 2020 Age range: 4-8 ___________________________________________________

It is September early fall when “green goes to sleep”. Yellow is the color and a granddaughter and grandmother reflect on the changing season with tea “Tea makes your tummy toasty” says Grandma. They bundle up and enjoy the beautiful and ever changing season while singing with the breeze and “dance like a leaf” and wave to the trees.

It is October - orange and red are the new colors, and the granddaughter helps her grandmother to get dressed for outside. But Grandma’s eyes are not as sparkly and there is no waving to the trees, and no dancing.

It is November – burgundy leaves take over and Grandmother is in bed. There is no tea, and no singing or dancing. They stay inside and the granddaughter paints her pictures of their time outside.

It is December-“nearly naked trees shed the last of their leaves. Grandma’s bed is empty” Seasons change and a girl gets a year older who dances like a leaf in the season that Grandma had loved the most. AJ Irving tells a remarkable story about a wonderful relationship. Claudia Navarro art is magical and memorable A Bookish Decree: Time passes but love from a grandma will never leave

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