Brambleheart (Written and illustrated by Henry Cole)

Published in 2016


Step in-side the world of the Hill and meet Twig who is on a quest to define himself, but at the same time trying to live up to the expectation of others and the society he lives in. Twig, a chipmunk is like other young animals on the Hill learning a trade, with the goal of excelling in a chosen field. Life, however, has other plans leaving our daydreaming hero yearning for books. Try as he might to please everyone else Twig ventures out into the world and ends up saving a dragon egg which later hatches. The young dragon follows our hero home and hides him from the rest of the Hill. Twig starts to excel in his classes thanks to the dragon named Char, but soon realizes that his actions have put his fire-breathing friend in danger. A plan is made between three friends to get the dragon home.

A Bookish Decree: A bildungsroman that shows a hero can be the smallest of creatures, with the biggest of hearts

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