Booked Author Kwame Alexander 2016 Age range: 10 and up

Futbol, friendship, love, family, and numerous malapropisms set the stage for Kwame Alexander’s Booked a phenomenal follow up in the Crossover series. Kwame Alexander’s gift as a writer is developing characters that are formidable yet relatable, that can do great things yet are vulnerable. As an 8th grader, Nick Hall learns to navigate: His love of soccer:

“If not for soccer, what’d be the point” Finding a girlfriend: “MOM, IT’S NOT FAIR. You can’t just be setting up a date for me. Dealing with his parents separating: “Sometimes life and work and love don’t all mesh." Standing up to a bully: “The only fight you really have to win is the one against the fear."

A Bookish Decree: Captivating and smart

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