Around the Table that Grandad Built

Around the Table that Grandad Built Written by Melanie Heuiser Hill Illustrated by Jaime Kim 2019 Age range: 4-8 In the spirit of The House That Jack Built comes a new way to celebrate family and the sharing of food. Before the family gathers for their feast, we are introduced to the table that Grandad has made, followed by bold sunflowers that were picked by cousins that grace the handmade table. The napkins are sewn by mom, and the colorful plates soon appear. Everything that graces the table is brought from a family member and is filled with love. The tamales are just right, the rice pudding is an annual favorite, and the pies are delicious.

It is time to give thanks around a table that grandad built with love.

A Bookish Decree: A welcoming way to celebrate family all year round.

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