All the Way to the Top

All the Way to the Top

Written by Annette Bay Pimentel Illustrated by Nabi H. Ali

Forward by Jennifer Keelan-Chaffins


Age range: 4 and up

Thirty years ago on July 26 1990 The American With Disabilities Act was signed that prohibited discrimination against disability. It took the work of courageous people to get their voices heard. One of these voices was Jennifer Keelan a child at that time who saw her role to speak up for children with disabilities. Jennifer who was born with cerebral palsy was just 6 years old when she joined the fight for equality for people with disabilities. Annette Bay Pimentel and Illustrator Nabi H. Ali tells the story of Jennifer’s journey from when she starts Kindergarten and is discriminated by her school and her peers for being in a wheel chair; it also shows her fighting spirit as she makes her way to the U.S. capital and as the grownup leave their wheelchairs to climb the steps Jennifer does not hesitate as her voice and actions are heard as well. Pimentel and Ali together portray Jennifer as tenacious and resolute as she “climbs the steps” with the world watching her “gutsy climb”.

A Bookish Decree: a magnificent book for teaching that one voice can make a difference

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