Albert's Quiet Quest

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Albert’s Quiet Quest ( A Mile End Kids Story)

Written and Illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault


Age range: 4-8

Albert is on a quest to find a quiet place to read his book. He walks out of his back yard to gaze at a painting someone had left in the alley and imagines himself in the painting with his book-a quiet place. Friends in the neighborhood have a different idea and as more kids join the “party” in the alley it leaves Albert without a quiet place.

The noise gets so deafening for Albert that he shuts his book in anger and yells at his friends-they get the hint and saunter away only to return with books of their own.

Does quietness resume?

A Bookish Decree: An ode to finding a place all your own and then sharing it.

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