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A Review of Pedro Books Part II

A Review of Pedro Books part II

Author Fran Manushkin Illustrator Tammie Lyon

Years published 2016 - 2019 Age range: 6-8


Pedro’s Mystery Club Pedro is joined by his friends Katie and JoJo as they start a mystery club. First on the list who needs help is Pedro’s mom, who is missing a locket followed by his dad, who is missing his phone. Throw in some chocolate chip cookies and a roll down the hill, and the three detective solvers are on the case.

Pirate Pedro

Shiver me timbers, it is Pirate Day at Pedro’s school. After school the pirate adventure continues as Pedro’s clubhouse is turned into a pirate ship. But who is going to be the leader of the pirates as the pirates realize how fun it is to get wet.

Pedro’s Big Goal Pedro and his friends love soccer. As they get ready for their first game the coach announces a try out for the goalie position. Pedro wants the position, but he has to practice. He finds inspiration from protecting his dog from going over the fence.

Pedro for President

Pedro and his friend Katie are running for class President. With the help of his brother, they make a great “helping hand sign”. The only problem for Pedro is, he has to give a speech and does not know what to say.

Pedro’s Tricky Tower

Pedro's teacher gives the kids an assignment for a "tricky building project" with cups. Pedro loves to build,so he thinks the project will be easy.

With his group, however, they have a tough time balancing the cups until, Pedro finds inspiration during recess doing handstands.

Pedro's Big Break Pedro loves to race with his bike, but a fall lands him in the doctor’s office with a cast on. Pedro feels unhappy because he would miss his upcoming camping trip, but his friends try to cheer him up by telling him to think of ways to be happy with what you have. When Pedro’s little brother has a bad dream, Pedro realizes that he could make his brother feel better by creating a shadow puppet with his cast. When it comes to the camping trip however, Pedro along with his family and friends come up with a home-grown solution. A Bookish Decree: The fun continues

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