A Pipkin of Pepper

A Pipkin of Pepper for the Pumpkin Soup Written and Illustrated by Helen Cooper 2005 Age range: 3-7 It is that time of year when pumpkin soup is being made by Cat, a Squirrel, and Duck. The last ingredient needs to be put in-a pipkin of salt when duck announces: “There is no salt left!” When they animals realize it would not be the best soup they ever tasted without the salt: Cat announces “ I am going shopping” The friends get on a bus headed for town and duck who has never been to the big city is scared until he sees a pepper store. All Duck can think about is pepper in the soup, imagining every kind of pepper there is: Malabar Pepper, Sweet Pepper, Chili Pepper-all going into the soup. He goes on and on until he realizes he is lost in the big city. Meanwhile at the salt shop Cat and Squirrel leave with their purchase not even noticing that duck is missing. Will the friends find each other? How will they get home and make sure their soup is the best they have ever tasted? A Bookish Decree: Who doesn’t love pumpkin soup and a warmhearted story

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