A New Kind of Wild

A New Kind of Wild Written and Illustrated by Zara Gonzalez Hoang 2020 Age range 4-8

A New Kind of Wild shows a child that home can exist in many places-where one lives, where one’s heart is, or that a new home can come alive where a friend exists. Ren is a boy who grew up in a rainforest of magic in Puerto Rico. He is saddened when he must leave home and does not understand the new vibes of city life.

Ren is befriended by Ava a girl who has spent her whole life in a city that she views as teeming with adventure. In the beginning all Ren notices is that magic does not exist in the city, until he notices that Ava moved through the city like he used to move through his wild - his old home. With Ava as a guide Ren sees the city as having rhythm, as musical and even beautiful.

A Bookish Decree: the magic of friendship comes alive

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