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A Nest for Celeste

A Nest for Celeste

Written and Illustrated by Henry Cole


Age range: 8 and up

Henry Cole in A Nest for Celeste takes a reader back to the early days of America during the Monroe presidency, but history is told through a basket weaver named Celeste a mouse who lives in a plantation house. Through Celeste we meet John James Audubon and his assistant Joseph who in real life had spent 4 months in Louisiana drawing birds. Through a mouse’s eye we get a side story of Audubon and his method of collecting birds in order to draw them and preserve them for generations. While some of the methods of obtaining the birds are cruel, Celeste befriends the birds held captive and finds clever ways to help set them free all the while helping Audubon and Joseph with their drawings. Celeste is a quiet hero, one who will help a friend in need, but at heart she is always looking for her home.

A Bookish Decree: Anthropomorphism-taking a nonhuman and giving it human form or personality. Henry Cole has a wonderful writing skill for this.

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