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A Lion in Paris

A Lion in Paris

Written and Illustrated by Beatrice Alemagna

2006-first published in French 2014-first published in English

Age range: 5-8

Sometimes a book stands out for all the right reasons-in the case of A Lion in Paris it is inspired by an iconic statue of a lion in the City of Lights. Beatrice Alemagna tells a grandiose tale of a lion trying to figure out his uniqueness. Our lion hero is from the grasslands and full of curiosity when he lands in Paris. It is scary in the big city, yet he cannot figure out why no one is scared of him. People in the metro ignore him and even when he gave the loudest of roars, he appears to not be a bother to anyone.

The only one who pays any notice to the lion was an iconic lady from the Louvre. Magic awaits the young lion in Paris, he puts away his fear and climbs the most beloved tower in all of France, and in a city that was once “dreary and frightening” it comes alive and smiles “at him with all its windows".

A Bookish Decree: Alemagna’s talent is merging together mixed media and the simplest of stories, yet her artistic works are magnificent and well loved.

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