A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars

A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars Author: Seth Fishman Illustrated by Isabel Greenberg 2017 Age range: 6-8 Soar into the sky and back to earth with A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars to get a unique perspective on the universe with a realization of how big and complex it is, but in the end there is an awareness that there is one planet that houses us and all living creatures. They numbers may be big and intimidating, however Fishman’s magic as a storyteller is how he puts everything into context as he writes: “This entire world is filled is crazy numbers built one on top of the other, making it whole and complete”. Filled with captivating facts a child will realize how they are connected to everything on earth but comprehend and appreciate who special each individual is.

A Bookish Decree: Add math, science, and imagination for a fun way to look at the Universe

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