A Home in the Barn

A Home in the Barn Written by Margaret Wise Brown Illustrated by Jerry Pinkney 2018 Age range: 4-8

Winter is around the corner and the animals are ready, everyone from the cattle and field mice to the swallow and bats. Once everyone is ready to move indoors for the cold winter ahead, a new calf is born, fortunately in the barn when it is warm. The animals are all tucked in with relief and solace as whistling can be heard out in the

cold winter wind. Margaret Wise Brown with her storytelling had brought a unique outlook to children’s books with her exceptional way with words. The animals are only one part to this story, the other segments are the barn and the winter weather. Jerry Pinkney has taken this sweet, yet unpretentious story filled with stunning art to make the barn and winter weather come alive. A Bookish Decree:


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