Moth: An Evolution Story

Author Isabel Thomas

Illustrated by Daniel Egneus

2018 Age range: 4-8

This is a story of the peppered moth who according to Isabel Thomas is still evolving. She tells a story of change, adaptation, survival and hope. Kids are in for a treat with this story as they first learn of one moth who comes out of a cocoon with six little legs, two tiny antennae and four salt and pepper wings, but the moth has to move quickly before a predator swoops in. Most of the peppered moths at the beginning of this story have speckled and freckled wings, a few however were born with dark as charcoal wings.The speckled moths survived because they could blend into the environment while the darker ones could not and were mostly likely eaten.

Unbeknown to the moths the world began to change with the industrial revolution causing smoke and soot to fill the air causing pollution to not only effect clouds but also the trees where the peppered moths lived. The darkest moths now had the advantage since they benefited from being camouflaged. Many years later the charcoal-colored moths were the dominant color, while the speckled ones were rare. As Thomas points out “the moths adapted to changes in the world.” Thomas also points out “today both colors of moth find places to hide and survive. They are still telling their story…"

A Bookish Decree: a captivating way to introduce evolution to children

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