Joey-The Story of Joe Biden Written by Jill Biden and Kathleen Krull Illustrated by Amy June Bates 2020 Age range: 6-8 Enter the world of Joe Biden as told by his wife Jill and learn of a young Joey who would not miss a water-balloon fight or a snowball battle. Learn about his signature line “Give me the ball” as he says give me a chance-I will show you what I can do. Reading Joe Biden’s story a child will learn about his mother who tells him “Bravery resides in every heart, and yours is fierce and clear.”

As a child a young Biden had a stutter and even if he was bullied because of his speech he listened to his father’s words about getting up and defending himself.

“Give me the ball” served a young Biden well as he grew up, he lost his fear of public speaking and gravitated toward the idea of doing it more. It also gave him the confidence to try politics becoming one of youngest members of the senate where he was reelected 5 times and on to the White House. A Bookish Decree: Full of tenacity showing the importance to persevere

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