Updated: Oct 10, 2020


Story and Illustrations by Pete Oswald (A Nearly Wordless Picture Book)


Age range: 4-8

A dad and his child awake at their home in the city and get ready for their hike. They pack their gear and off they go to the mountains. Nature is alive and it surrounds them as the duo head out on the trail.

The child discovers deer, bugs and butterflies, and paw prints to be put into a journal; there is even a snowball fight with little to remaining snow.

A log is to be crossed, woodpeckers to listen to, and surrounding beauty from a waterfall to be taken in. The child has brought along a young sapling to plant in a perfect spot among mature trees.

Back home they go, where cookies and milk await.

A Bookish Decree:

A breathtaking ode to nature and to the fathers in our lives.

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